The campus will be closed from the 7th to the 17th of August, also closed for Alumni visits.

NYU Florence offers a broad range of courses, with a strong focus on the humanities and social sciences. The curriculum takes advantage of the extraordinary cultural resources provided by the city of Florence and its strategic position within Italy and Europe and also offers a unique array of cocurricular lectures and activities.

Altogether, the Florence campus is a dynamic center for scholarly exchange and global policy discussions. Here, business and prelaw students can participate in high-level political dialogues, while art history and fashion students find inspiration on every corner. Courses are taught in English, but the Italian Studies program creates a path to fluency for students who prioritize language study.

Cost Per Semester (Academic Year 23-24)

Undergraduate tuition: $30,219

Housing: $6,972 - $10,909

Students pay their individual school tuition, which may differ by college. For comparison to other global locations, including New York, a cost estimation chart is available on the costs and financial aid page.

Academic Calendar: Fall/ Spring/ Full Year/ Summer

Student Body: 300-350 students

Housing: On campus residence halls, off campus apartments, homestays

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = .82 Euro