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Undocumented Student Financial Aid Application

In addition to the CSS Profile, Undocumented Students* must submit this form to be considered for NYU scholarship funds. NOTE: This form is only for undocumented freshman and transfer applicants, not for international applicants or returning students. (Be sure to read our introductory information.)

* An undocumented student is a student who does not possess appropriate documentation allowing him/her to reside legally in the United States. Students who have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status are considered to be undocumented.

Applicants will be considered for NYU scholarship based upon financial need, academic strengths (and other information reviewed in the admission process), and must also satisfy the criteria specified below.

Information required for consideration:

  1. Confirmation of the student applicant's attendance at a high school within the United States for the prior three (3) calendar years.
  2. Example of Documentation: official high school transcript.

  3. The student applicant must have a valid Social Security Number, OR the student applicant or student applicant's parent(s) must have an official, valid U.S. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Please see the IRS website for more information about the ITIN.
  4. Please send all requested documentation to the NYU Office of Financial Aid (see Deadlines at right). Be sure that the applicant's name and University ID are on all pages (your N# can be found in your Application Acknowledgement Email which is sent by NYU following the submission of your Common Application). EMAIL: FAX: 212-995-4661 MAIL: Office of Financial Aid, New York University, 383 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003.

    IMPORTANT: Undocumented students are subject to income/financial aid form verification, the same as all other students. Students/parents must be prepared to submit tax return transcripts, or -- if U.S. tax returns are not required, based upon Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines -- be able to provide other valid proof of earnings (such as W-2's). Please see our Verification page for more information. If selected for financial aid verification, financial aid eligibility may be subject to change based on the comparison of the requested documentation and the student's CSS Profile.

First Name:  
Last Name:  
NYU ID:1  
    1 Your University identification number (it begins with the letter N) can be found in your Application Acknowledgement Email which is sent by NYU following the submission of your Common Application. If you have not yet received your N#, please contact NYU Undergraduate Admissions at 212-998-4500.
    2 Enter the first 5 digits of your (or your parent's) ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, or both if available.


  1. You confirm that you have read and understand the information provided here, and will submit the materials requested to the NYU Office of Financial Aid. The information you provide will be used by designated financial aid officers for the purpose of eligibility review only.

  1. You confirm that you have completed or will complete the CSS Profile (available to be filed after October 1) by our deadlines.*

    * All new freshmen applicants with divorced, separated or unmarried parents will need to have both parents submit their own separate CSS Profile applications to be considered for scholarship at NYU. For more information, or to learn how to request a waiver for your noncustodial parent, please visit

  1. You confirm that you understand that if materials requested of you are verified and do not match the information provided by you on the Common Application, CSS Profile, or if applicable, CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent, any scholarship offered to you may be cancelled, as per the terms and conditions for financial assistance made available to undocumented students at New York University.

  1. You confirm that you have read and understand the following notice:

    NYU is committed to protecting the privacy and civil rights of undocumented students, and will not release confidential student records without a subpoena or similar legal order unless authorized by the student. While NYU stands prepared to fight to uphold the privacy protections granted to our students by federal law, applicants should be aware that it is possible the University could be legally compelled to produce application information at some point in the future.



2020-2021 Academic Year Admission

Early Decision I: November 15, 2019

Early Decision II: January 15, 2020

Regular Decision: February 20, 2020

Transfer/Second Bachelors: April 1, 2020 (Fall 2020 admission), November 15, 2020 (Spring 2021 admission)

Applicants for the 2020-2021 academic year should file the 2020-2021 CSS Profile. All deadlines are 11:59 PM (Eastern Time).


Students submitting all information on time will be evaluated and notified approximately at the time they learn of their acceptance for admission.

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