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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require New York University to monitor the academic performance of its students for the purpose of verifying and maintaining their eligibility for federal financial aid. If you do not meet the standard of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), your federal financial aid will be suspended. In most cases, state and NYU financial aid (scholarship) require that the same criteria be maintained for continued eligibility. Some graduate schools have different eligibility criteria for their scholarships and students are encouraged to review their school/department criteria accordingly.

NYU does not offer ESL or remedial courses for credit towards any of its undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Most types of financial aid - including federal financial aid - require students be enrolled in courses that are necessary to fulfill their degree requirements; therefore, students enrolling in an excessive number of electives that are not applicable to their degree may have their financial aid revoked. To ensure applicable courses are taken, students are encouraged to seek out guidance from their academic advisors.

For students who change schools or change majors within NYU, all credits that count towards their degree in their new school or towards their new major are considered both attempted credits and earned credits. Credits that are not applied towards the degree in the student's new school or towards their new major count neither as attempted credits nor as earned credits.

All repeated courses count as both attempted and earned credits (unless a passing grade has already been earned in that course in which case the repeated course will only count as attempted) and all types of incompletes count as attempted credits but not as earned credits.

An academic progress calculator is available here as a guide to your status. When planning your probationary semester, you need to enroll in enough credits to bring you back into SAP standards by the end of that term. Remember, if the next term of enrollment after the spring is the summer, then that is your probationary semester regardless of whether you received federal financial aid.

You may also review our Satisfactory Academic Progress policy document for all requirements.

The Office of Financial Aid typically conducts a SAP review at least annually at the conclusion of each academic year, and students who do not meet the requirement receive a notice on their NYU Albert account. The annual review will include courses completed up through the spring term of that academic year. Students who enroll in programs that are only one year in length will have progress checked after their first payment period (between the Fall and Spring semesters, generally).


Students who do not meet the SAP requirement are automatically placed on financial aid suspension (unless the student is approved for financial aid probation, see below). During suspension, the student will not be eligible for financial aid. (Students may continue to acquire private non-NYU scholarships and private non-federal loans.) Eligibility for financial aid will be returned when the student meets the SAP standard.


All students have the right to appeal the suspension of their financial aid. Students may appeal only once for each academic degree in most circumstances (an exception may be granted in the event of illness or injury). Students whose appeals are approved will be placed on financial aid probation for one semester. If eligible, the student will remain eligible for financial aid and will continue to receive financial assistance during the approved probationary semester.

To be reviewed for financial aid probation, please submit the appeal form below. Please see the instructions at right before submitting this form.

NOTE: Based on federal regulation, students who do not meet the SAP standard and enroll in a term are considered to be using their probationary semester, regardless of whether they pursue financial aid.

Students who meet the SAP standard at the end of their probationary semester will be restored to Satisfactory Academic Progress status. Students who do not meet the SAP requirements at the end of the probationary period will be placed on financial aid suspension (described above).

Students are permitted only one semester of financial aid probation. If a student meets the SAP requirement at the end of their probationary semester but later fails again to meet the SAP requirement, the student is not eligible for additional financial aid probation, except in the event of illness or injury.

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    * Enter your University I.D. as it appears on the back of your NYU student identification card (it begins with the letter N).
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Please select below the semester for which you are requesting financial aid probation (i.e. the next semester after the spring term in which you enroll). If after the spring term you are not meeting the SAP standard and you are enrolled in the summer term, the summer term would be considered your probationary semester.

Summer 2017

Fall 2017

Please explain in the box below (1) the reason you do not meet the requirements of satisfactory academic progress, and (2) how you intend to reestablish satisfactory academic progress within the probationary period of one semester. Please include any supporting information that may be relevant to your circumstances.

CERTIFICATION: I wish to be placed on financial aid probation and understand that if approved I must meet SAP requirements within the probationary semester requested above or my financial aid will be suspended.



Complete and submit this form and include any supporting information related to your appeal in the text box marked "Explain."

You must submit this form before the end of the semester for which you are requesting financial aid probation.

You may appeal for financial aid probation only once for each academic degree, except in the event of illness or injury.

Students requesting additional aid consideration on the basis of documented special circumstances, such as illness or injury, must submit the form no later than the last day of the semester's first add/drop period to ensure proper time is available for review. In such cases, if approved, an individualized academic contract is created for their probation term.


The Office of Financial Aid will review your request and render a decision within 3 weeks of receipt. The decision of the Office of Financial Aid is final.

You will be approved for financial aid probation if the Office of Financial Aid determines from your academic record that you can reasonably be expected to meet SAP requirements in a single semester if:

    • You are an Undergraduate student and enroll for 21 credits or less
    • You are a graduate student and enroll for 18 credits or less
    • You are enrolled in McGhee and enroll for 18 credits or less

Students who indicate illness or injury will be asked to provide supporting documentation if necessary.

A notice of approval or denial will be placed on your NYU Albert account within 3 weeks.


Students who have questions about this process should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Students who have questions about their grades or credits awarded should contact the Office of the Registrar.

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