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The Caring Culture Grants: a Work Life Initiative for Workplace Well-beingĀ 

The past several years have placed a burden on our well-being resulting in the need for our community to reassess and refocus ways to contribute to a healthy workplace. Research has shown a direct correlation between our workplace culture and our well-being. Improving our workplace well-being demands that we look at systemic interventions that impact our culture and values.

The Work Life office has been focused on improving workplace culture and well-being of faculty and administrators at NYU. In order to continue improving our workplace culture, Work Life, with support from Human Resources, will be offering grants of up to $5,000 to fund projects that will advance well-being at the departmental or unit level. The Caring Culture Grants will help evaluate the impact of well-being initiatives in the workplace, by gathering data and feedback from employees (faculty, administrators, and staff), leaders, and other stakeholders.

Together, we can envision and create a more caring culture at NYU by fostering grassroots changes. By addressing systemic well-being issues and through continuous feedback and evaluation of our NYU community we can design a future where we all can flourish.

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