In the last century, life expectancy in the US has increased by approximately 30 years. We are living longer and healthier lives, and the concept of retirement has therefore changed dramatically.  Many of us will live these 30 or so years in retirement and we need to think about how to create a long-lasting plan for our financial well-being and our emotional, physical, and social needs. Planning for this important life transition can begin on day one of employment at NYU. 

The Work Life office offers events and consultations that will help you plan how to find meaning and satisfaction in this next phase of life, and how to make and sustain connections and relationships with people across generations. 

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Stacey Gordon, Program Director, Next Phase, Adult Caregiving and Retirement at the Work Life office or attend one of our Envisioning Retirement Workshops, offered each semester (view our complete events calendar here).

We encourage you to take advantage of all the retirement planning resources NYU offers:

  • Attend a Human Resources Retirement Benefits Planning Webinar for Faculty or Administrators & Researchers.
  • Contact PeopleLink to schedule a Retiree Benefits Consultation
  • Set up an individual retirement consultation with a TIAA financial consultant for personalized advice on your NYU retirement portfolio.

Contact Work Life

Dr. Stacey Gordon, Program Director, Next Phase, Adult Caregiving and Retirement



Faculty Retirement FAQs

Retirement Transitions Affinity Group

Work Life offers an affinity-style group called TART:S—Talking About Retirement Transitions: Seriously—for faculty members who are within one to three years away from retirement. This small, supportive group will discuss topics related to retirement such as creating a retirement identity, finding community groups to connect to, and trying out new ideas about what to do once retirement begins. Please fill out the TART:S form if you are interested in joining.