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If you’re a part of the NYU community and have school-aged children, you’ll discover that New York City offers a plethora of educational opportunities. From public schools to charters to independent schools, NYC boasts a multitude of programs for your child’s education. However, this variety can be both exciting and overwhelming, making it important to understand the unique features of each system and the different admissions procedures. For those of you outside of NYC, refer to your local school districts’ websites for information.

Work Life’s Consultation Service

At Work Life, we understand the significance of finding the right educational fit for your family. That’s why we offer a consultation service to guide you from preschool to high school. You can meet 1:1 with the Program Director of Childcare & Education, Helga Yuan Larsen, who can help you make informed choices about your child’s academic aspirations and your family’s values, along with directing you to the tools you need to engage with the school systems, particularly related to the admissions processes. To schedule a consultation, please complete this Intake Form.

Public Schools

For families considering public schools in NYC, please note the various admissions entry points, which typically include 3K/preK (for children ages 3 - 4), kindergarten (for children age 5), middle school (primarily starting at 5th grade), and high school (primarily starting at 9th grade). Understanding these entry points will help you plan your child’s education effectively. For detailed information on the admissions process, we recommend visiting the official NYC Public Schools website. It provides essential information, including video tutorials and virtual events, about the admissions timeline, criteria, and how to apply.

Charter Schools

If you’re interested in charter schools, the New York City Charter Schools Center website helps you find schools in your neighborhood, lists open house events, and offers additional resources for multilingual language learners and students with disabilities. Please be aware that there is one common online charter school application, and charter schools accept applications on a rolling basis. Generally, applications must be submitted by April 1st, and students are admitted according to the number of seats available. Charter school lotteries are held in April and May when schools receive more applications than seats available.

Independent Schools

Independent schools can offer distinctive educational experiences and often have their own selective admissions processes. The websites for Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY) and New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS), while voluntary associations, can be helpful resources to find schools of interest based on education philosophy and pedagogy. Another useful reference is the Parents League of New York, which often hosts admissions workshops and school fairs.

Students with Disabilities and Neurodivergence

In addition to 1:1  consultation services, Work Life has created a Google Group specifically for families raising children with special needs. This Group is intended as a space to build a respectful and confidential community while sharing resources, exchanging insights, and seeking peer-to-peer support. Please fill out this Interest Form to be added to the Group.

For further support and resources, check out these organizations:

Teen Programs at NYU

There are a variety of unique academic programs and co-curricular experiences geared toward middle school and high school students offered throughout the school year and summer months at NYU. To explore these opportunities, check out: