Raising a family is such a rewarding journey, but with the dueling demands of your career and home life, it can give rise to a whole new level of stress. Be assured, the NYU Work Life office is here to help. They offer a range of supportive services to empower you to create a fulfilling life where your family and career thrive together.

Featured Services: 


Consultations with the Program Director of Childcare & Education, Helga Yuan Larsen:

  • Providing guidance to make informed decisions about the variety of childcare options available, whether you’re seeking infant care or after-school care
  • Equipping you with knowledge and tools to engage with the public and independent school systems, particularly related to the admissions processes, to help you find the best fit for your child’s education
  • Assisting you in navigating and maximizing NYU’s benefit programs and resources specifically designed for your caregiving needs
  • For faculty candidates, incoming faculty members, visiting faculty & researchers:  Offering individualized support to guide you in understanding the local childcare landscape and pre-K-12 school systems; additional assistance to connect you with necessary services and resources to ease your transition into family life in NYC.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please complete this Intake Form.

Parenting Groups

Parenting groups to engage with colleagues in a safe and confidential space around your evolving identities as both a professional and a parent, while finding community through shared experiences

Work Life is gauging interest for groups that support 1) Foster & Adoptive Parents and 2) LGBTQ+ Parents. If you’re interested in one of these or have another community in mind, please reach out to Helga Yuan Larsen.

Educational Workshops

Educational workshops to gain insights on timely topics and research-backed parenting strategies, helping you deepen the connections with your family and support the academic and social-emotional development of your children