As President Hamilton wrote in his February 9, 2018 memo to faculty, the following steps will be taken in the event an NYU faculty member is either denied a visa to enter a country that hosts an NYU degree-granting campus or academic center, or encounters delays in having their visa issued.

  • The university will escalate any denials of faculty visas through relevant parties. In the US, this typically means through the offices of our members of Congress, and in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, and other countries that host NYU campuses and centers, through appropriate governmental and quasi-governmental entities. If, for any reason, an individual prefers at any stage of the process that we not continue to pursue their visa, we will of course respect those wishes.
    • It is important to remember that in many cases, visas that initially are either denied or delayed are ultimately successful, but we should make sure that faculty are informed of flags at the earliest possible moment.
  • The provost of the faculty member’s home campus will be immediately notified of the situation; they will then, in turn, immediately contact the faculty member. In the event that a faculty member learns of a denial directly from a consulate or embassy, they should immediately inform their provost.
  • The provost will also connect the faculty member to NYU’s Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Programs and Mobility Services, who will become a day-to-day point of contact for the faculty member as his or her visa application continues to work its way through the system.
  • The Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Programs and Mobility Services, will promptly notify the chairs of the Faculty Committee on NYU’s Global Network, as well as the faculty member’s departmental chair or dean, of any postponements or cancellations of any NYU faculty member’s plans.