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Upon Return

Upon Return

Returning from living or working abroad...

Experiencing re-adjustment issues? Feeling slightly disappointed by the reaction (or lack thereof) from your colleagues, friends and family as you try to share your global experience? Having trouble re-integrating into the life you had before you left? If so, you may be experiencing Re-entry Shift/Shock, also known as Reverse Culture Shift/Shock.

Checkout these resources:

When leaving for your new destination...

  • Check back in with OGS for assistance with:

-canceling your global health insurance and re-enrolling with a domestic provider
-canceling any global payroll deductions
-talking about your upcoming taxes, (i.e. do you have to file in the location you just left?)

  • Contact your academic department.
  • Notify important agencies and providers:

-cell phones
-credit card companies
-review and modify automatic payments
-bank account(s) abroad

  • Stay in touch with the colleagues (both personal and professional) you came to know in your host country.
  • Think about a preparing a short presentation to share your GNU experience with your team and others.
  • Missing your former host country already? Looking for an international group of professionals to discuss your time in country? Try¬†!

NYU Traveler - Coming Home

Be sure to register your return trip and any post-program travel plans through NYU Traveler!