There are a number of factors that need to be considered when determining if a faculty member or researcher needs to obtain a visa in advance of traveling to the United Kingdom. These factors include: country of citizenship, duration of the trip, and the purpose or activity required during the trip. If in doubt, please contact the Office of Global Services (OGS) as early as possible.

Process to Prepare for Your Stay in United Kingdom

Before beginning STEP 1, be sure to have a valid passport.

  • A valid passport should have at least six months beyond expected return date and at minimum, two blank visa pages.


Complete the Immigration Assistance Request Form

Typical Timeframe: 0-1 Days


Book an Appointment with OGS

Typical Timeframe: 0-1 Days

  • OGS identifies proper immigration path for the intended trip and contacts faculty member.
    • If OGS determines a visa is needed, faculty member books an appointment with OGS.


Gather Documents and Share with OGS

Typical Timeframe: 1-30 Days

  • Faculty member gathers their immigration and travel documents and shares with OGS via NYU Box.


File Work Permit Application

Typical Timeframe: 30-60 Days

  • If work permit is required, OGS will work with the faculty member, their department or school, NYU London, and outside counsel (if needed) to file work permit application.


Complete Online Visa Application and Book Biometrics Appointment

Typical Timeframe: 0-1 Day


Attend Biometrics Appointment

Typical Timeframe: 1 Day

  • Faculty member attends biometrics appointment.


Receive Visa and Passport 

Typical Timeframe: 5-30 Days

  • Faculty member waits for passport and visa to be returned via post.


Travel to Destination

Typical Timeframe: N/A

  • Faculty member travels to destination and enters showing their passport and visa.


Collect Biometric Residence Permit

Typical Timeframe: 1-10 Days

  • Within 10 days of arrival in the UK, the faculty member must collect their Biometric Residence Permit.
  • If the faculty member is staying in the UK for over six months, depending on their nationality, they may be required to register with local police within seven days of arrival. For a full list of countries please see the UK Government website.


Complete Suggested Travel Practices

Typical Timeframe: Prior to travel

Additional Resources

  • United Kingdom Visa Information
  • Tax information - This information is made available as a resource for individuals traveling abroad that are not being supported under the NYU Global Assignment Tax Protection Policy. Anyone seeking personal tax advice should seek consultation outside NYU.
    • For individuals supported by the NYU Global Assignment Tax Protection Policy OGS will provide a brief in-person overview orientation of this Global Assignment Benefit.