Employment Authorization

J-2 dependents are eligible to apply for work permission in the United States, so long as the income is not needed to support you, the J-1. Authorized work permission allows your J-2 dependent to work an unlimited number of hours per week in any type of job. Applications for J-2 work permission must be sent directly to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for approval and do not need approval of Scholar Services.

USCIS can take several months to process applications. Work permission from the USCIS is granted in the form of an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). J-2 applicants should not begin employment until USCIS authorization is received. The USCIS routinely mails the EAD directly to the J-2’s home address as completed on the application. Upon receipt of the EAD, please carefully review the details for accuracy and note the expiration date of the card.

International travel is not recommended while the application is pending with USCIS.