The J-1 Student Intern category is available to international students who are currently enrolled in and pursuing a degree program at a postsecondary academic institution outside the United States.

Who Is Eligible

This program is limited to a maximum of 12 months per student’s degree level. In order to be eligible for NYU sponsorship in this category, the student must:

  • have an internship under the supervision of an NYU faculty member. This internship must fulfill educational objectives in the degree program at the student’s home institution.
  • be in good academic standing with their home institution.
  • return to their home institution to complete their degree requirements upon completion of the internship.
  • have verifiable English language skills sufficient to carry out the internship.
  • have sufficient funds to cover their entire stay in the US, including living expenses.

Internship Program Requirements

The purpose of the J-1 Student Intern program is to promote international exchange, therefore, internships in this program must:

  • meet the minimum duration of at least 3 weeks.
  • include at least 32 hours/week of work, and cannot consist of more than 20% clerical work.
  • expose the student to American techniques, methodologies, and technology.
  • expand the student’s current knowledge.
  • exist solely to assist the student intern in achieving the objectives of their participation and must not exist to serve a labor need for the professor or department.
  • not place students in positions of unskilled labor or any clinical/patient care settings.

    The sponsoring department and student intern must complete an evaluation at the end of the internship; for internships lasting more than six months, an additional evaluation is required at the midpoint of the internship.

How to Get J-1 Student Intern Status


NYU Academic Department submits an application for the Student Intern to the OGS

Once the student has an internship with an NYU faculty member, an administrator in the faculty member’s academic department must verify information, gather documents, complete, and send the completed application to at least 90 days prior to the student intern’s requested start date. Our normal processing time is 10 business days from receipt of a complete application.

The NYU academic department must: 

  • Verify the prospective student intern’s eligibility, including current academic status and English language abilities.
  • Confirm that the internship will consist of a minimum of 32 hours/week and no more than 20% clerical work.

The J-1 student Intern Application must include:

  • a completed department application and certification form
  • a completed student certification at home institution certification
  • an invitation letter from the NYU Department (including any funding provided)
  • a completed Form DS-7002 – T/IPP – All responses must by typed (not handwritten), and signed by supervisor and student. Please follow the DS-7002 Instructions.
  • a copy of passport biographical page for student intern (and any accompanying dependents)
  • proof of financial support. Student interns must demonstrate funding of at least $2,500/month for living expenses. If the funding will be provided by a parent or other sponsor, that person must complete and sign an affidavit of support, as well as submit a bank statement or other documentation. All documentation must be in English and converted to USD$.
  • $400 processing fee receipt (for NYU Langone Only). 


The OGS issues the student intern a DS-2019 and signed DS-7002

We review the completed application to confirm eligibility, and email the sponsoring department when the DS-2019 is ready.


The student intern receives the DS-2019 and applies for a J-1 visa.

The sponsoring department sends the DS-2019 and completed and signed DS-7002 to the prospective student intern. Once the student receives the documents, they must pay the SEVIS fee and apply for a J-1 visa. The student intern should also take steps to enroll in suitable health insurance at this stage.


The student intern makes plans to enter the US.

The student intern should review our tips on planning their trip to New York. The student intern may enter the US no more than 30 days before the start date listed on the DS-2019.

Upon arrival, the student intern must complete the arrival process with OGS. During this process, they must upload proof of health insurance that meets the documentation guidelines detailed on the J-1 health insurance page, in the "J-1 Exchange Visitors and J-2 Dependents Not Receiving NYU Health Insurance" section.