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You should always have proof of immigration status whenever you travel by plane, bus, train, or car. We advise that you carry your original immigration documents while traveling domestically, in case you need to produce copies for identification purposes.

If you are traveling around the NYC area, it’s a good idea to carry copies of your immigration documents. While it is extremely unlikely that you would be questioned, having these documents with you provides immediate proof of your lawful status in the US.

Travel Outside the US 

Going abroad for a convention? Taking a trip home? Visiting Canada for the weekend? Be sure that you have all the documents necessary to get back to the US! Please review your documents at the time you make travel arrangements, to allow for ample time to address any issues.

If you have any questions or concerns before you leave the US, please consult an advisor at International Faculty and Research Scholar Services.

Remember, the US government determines your and any family member's eligibility to enter the US. Be prepared and have the needed travel documents with you. Be prepared to present to an immigration inspector the following: 

Please review your I-94 record after each entry to the US. If your I-94 ever indicates an incorrect class of admission or other incorrect information, please contact Scholar Services as soon as possible for assistance.


If you spouse or child(ren) is travelling, please ensure that your family members have the needed documents to return to the US. 

As a reminder, J-2 dependents should not remain in the US for any significant periods of time while the primary J-1 Exchange Visitor is outside of the US.

Travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean 

Most scholars do not need a new US visa to return to the US after visiting an adjacent country, due to a process known as Automatic Revalidation. Through this process, you do not need a new visa stamp when you travel to Canada, Mexico, and adjacent islands of the Caribbean (except Cuba) for 30 days or less, even if your current one has expired.

*H/O/E visa holders are only eligible for automatic revalidation after travel to Canada and Mexico, NOT the Caribbean.

Note: Citizens of some countries may need a visa to enter Canada, Mexico or the adjacent Caribbean islands. Please check to see if citizens of your home country are required to have a visa stamp (e.g., a Canadian tourist visa) to enter an adjacent country.