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The housing market in NYC moves very quickly; most apartment vacancies are only listed about 30 days before the move-in date. So, you should be prepared to act fast.

Renting an apartment in NYC can be stressful, but it can be easier when you are prepared with the required information. Be sure to do research on neighborhoods and understand the application process before you start looking for an apartment.

Housing Resources:

Gyms and Fitness Centers

NYU Athletics offers membership to its sports centers, and can pro-rate the membership cost according to the length of your appointment. There are extra fees for family members. You will need to bring your NYU ID and appointment letter to join. Call or visit the membership office 212-998-2045 to ask about fees or more information.

There are many private gyms and fitness centers around NYC. Most require monthly or yearly memberships; make sure you ask about all costs and read any contract closely before you sign!


As an NYU scholar, you have access to NYU’s Bobst Library with your NYU ID Card. Contact your academic department to inquire about library privileges such as borrowing or database access.

Family members must pay a fee for reading and/or borrowing privileges. Contact the library for more information. We suggest using the network of public libraries in NYC.

Public Libraries

The New York Public Library has many locations throughout the city. Anyone living or working in New York State is eligible to receive a free New York Public Library card. The Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Library are also free and available to anyone living or working in New York State. Public libraries often offer family-friendly events and programs.


There are many options for getting around NYC. Depending on where you live and where you plan to go, you may want to explore different options.

Cell Phones

Cell phone plans in the US can be complicated, and there are many options available. So, you’ll need to do some research in order to find the plan that best suits your needs. Be sure to read over any plan carefully before signing and/or purchasing. Below are some tips and resources to get you started.

  • Full-service contracts may be a good option if you intend to use a lot of data, texts, and/or minutes. Often a 2-year contract is required, and a Social Security Number or initial deposit may be required.
  • Prepaid or pay-as-you-go options are more flexible and allow you to pay only for the service you need, as you need it. These plans may require an activation fee, and the service may expire after a certain amount of time - so be sure to ask at the store!

Parks and Recreation 

NYC has an extensive network of parks located in many different neighborhoods. The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation runs programs throughout the year and maintains facilities in the parks. They offer opportunities to volunteer as well.

There are countless events happening in NYC on any given day; many websites compile upcoming events, such as plays, art shows, concerts, comedy shows, festivals, and much more. Check out Time Out NYC, or NYCGo.

Driver License 

You must have a valid driver license to drive a car anywhere in the US. Laws vary by state; be sure to research the laws in any area where you plan to drive.