The UAE Ministry of Interior requires that every individual being hired for an educational institution within the UAE completes the security clearance process. This process takes place prior to applying for a visa, regardless of type. Below is a summary of the process and a list of the documents an individual needs to provide.

If a candidate or assignee going through the security clearance process has questions or needs assistance, please contact the NYUAD Office of Immigration and Relocation Services.

Security Clearance Process


Submit Security Clearance Form to Initiate Process

Estimated timeframe: 3 business days

  • The candidate should send the required documents to the NYUAD Security Clearance Administrator within 3 business days of receiving the request from NYUAD.


Legalization of documents

Estimated timeframe: 4 weeks

  • Legalization is a process whereby a document’s authority is verified by several governmental bodies, including the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the country in which the document was issued.
  • The process differs by country, but in general involves notarization, attestation, authentication and legalization by the UAE Embassy in the country where the document originated from.
  • Legalization can be handled by NYUAD on behalf of the candidate or the candidate can complete the process independently.


UAE Attestation and Translation of Documents

Estimated timeframe: 3-4 business days

  • Upon receipt of the legalized documents, the NYUAD Security Clearance Administrator will facilitate in-country attestation of the candidate’s documents by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The NYUAD Security Clearance Administrator will also facilitate an Arabic translation of the candidate’s diploma.


Security Clearance Decision by the Ministry of Higher Education

Estimated timeframe: 2-3 weeks

  • The NYUAD Security Clearance Administrator will submit the candidate’s documents to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry will notify NYUAD of the security clearance decision once it is determined.