The UAE government requires that individuals seeking to reside in the UAE for employment purposes must be sponsored by their employer. NYUAD’s Immigration and Relocation Services team facilitates this process for all employees, and serve as the liaison with the various government departments involved in issuing visas. The team works closely with employees throughout the process.

Below is an overview of the steps necessary to secure a residency visa. Some procedures will vary based on your country of citizenship or your sponsorship status at the time of hire (if you are hired from within the UAE).  

Before beginning the residency visa process, employees must first receive security clearance from the UAE government.

Should you have questions at anytime in the residency visa process, please contact NYUAD’s Office of Immigration and Relocation Services.

Residency Visa Process

Upon receiving your security clearance, NYUAD’s Immigration and Relocation Services team will apply for your residency visa, before you arrive in Abu Dhabi. This process takes approximately two weeks to complete.


NYUAD prepares your Ministry of Labor Offer Letter

Approximate processing time: One business day

  • NYUAD uses the documents you provided during the security clearance process for your work permit and visa process.
  • NYUAD will email you a copy of your Ministry of Labor Offer Letter. You will be asked to sign the letter and return it to the Immigration and Relocation Services team. 


NYUAD obtains your work permit

Approximate processing time: One week

  • After receiving your signed Ministry of Labor Offer Letter, NYUAD will apply for your work permit, which will grant you permission to work in the UAE. 
  • Once your work permit is issued, it must be used within 30 days.


NYUAD obtains your entry permit and sends it to your via email

Approximate processing time: One week

  • Your entry permit, also called an e-visa, allows you to enter the UAE.
  • NYUAD will email the entry permit to you. Print and take this with you to Abu Dhabi; you will need to give it to the Immigration Officer at arrival counter, who will stamp it with your entry date.
    • NOTE: Citizens of Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Sri Lanka will only receive an entry visa reference number. Citizens of these countries will then visit a UAE embassy or consulate in their home countries in order to obtain an entry permit sticker prior to their arrival in the UAE.
  • An entry permit is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.


Enter the UAE on Entry Permit and begin working at NYUAD

Approximate processing time: 1 business day following your arrival

  • Give your stamped Entry Permit along with your passport to NYUAD’s Office of Immigration and Relocation Services on the first business day following your arrival.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: NYUAD will need to hold your passport from this point in the process until you receive you residence visa (STEP 6). For these 2-3 weeks, you must remain in the UAE. Please bear this in mind while planning your first days in Abu Dhabi.

After arriving in Abu Dhabi, the Office of Immigration and Relocation Services will continue to assist you in securing your residency visa and Emirates ID card. The process after you arrive, will take approximately two more weeks to complete.


Complete your medical test and fingerprinting in Abu Dhabi

Approximate processing time: The test will take place within first few days of arrival and take approximately 2 hours. Results will be available within 3 business days.

  • Your test and fingerprinting will be administered by the Abu Dhabi government at a designated local hospital.
  • The appointment will be scheduled for you during your first few days in Abu Dhabi and you will be accompanied by a member of the Immigration Services team.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Citizens of Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia are required to have a medical test prior to and after entering the UAE. 


Receive your Residence visa

Approximate processing time: Within 2-3 business days of receiving your medical test results your residence visa will typically be issued. 

  • If family members are relocating with you, their sponsorship process begins following the receipt of your Residence Visa and Labor Contract.


Receive your Emirates ID card

Approximate processing time: Typically 3-4 weeks after fingerprinting

  • Having an Emirates ID card is a mandatory requirement for every legal resident in the UAE.
  • Fingerprinting for your Emirates ID is required at the time of your medical test.
  • Please note that colored contact lenses and hand henna are not allowed during this process.
  • Family members under your sponsorship will also get an Emirates ID card.