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Manage and Publish Video Content with NYU Stream

NYU Stream is a streaming media service that provides users with the ability to upload, record via webcam, manage, and share video clips. NYU Stream can be used for academic and instructional purposes, co-curricular activities, and for personal use. Similar to a YouTube environment, NYU Stream will encode your video and provide you with a link that can be shared via an embedded code or by accessing NYU Stream directly.

Publishing Video in an NYU Stream Channel

NYU Stream Channels provide a location where a collection of videos can be shared within a group. The group members (NYU members only) can be assigned various roles from manager to contributor, moderator or member.
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Publish Media Within an NYU Stream Gallery

NYU Stream represents the University by a list of galleries categorized by school and departments. When publishing content within the gallery you are making the video available to everyone at NYU.
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Embedding Video into NYU Brightspace

The NYU Brightspace online learning system enables NYU faculty to use the Web to enhance classroom instruction. Instructors can use NYU Brightspace to create full-featured, online course environments for the members of their class to provide content sharing, collaborative capabilities, assignment and other assessment tools, as well as Gradebook functionality. Students can use NYU Brightspace to connect with their peers and stay on track with assignments and due dates with a aggregated calendar for all of their courses. NYU Stream content can be easily shared within NYU Brightspace.
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Embedding Video into NYU Sites

NYU Sites is a collaborative space for Web content creation that is easy to use and is part of NYU Google Apps for Education. The service can be accessed via NYUHome or directly at With Google Sites, you can easily build and publish websites. Use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor or work directly with HTML. You can even embed NYU Calendars, NYU Groups, NYU Docs, and other gadgets on your site including NYU Stream video.
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Embedding Video into NYU Wikis

NYU Wikis is a web-based collaborative tool that faculty and students can use to create and manage private and public content for research, instruction, and University-related activity. A wiki is a tool that enables the easy creation and editing of interlinked web pages, using a rich text editor within the browser. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and projects, to power community websites, for meetings and personal note taking, and as intranets.
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Sharing an NYU Stream Video Link

NYU Stream provides content owners the ability to share video links to other members of the NYU community.
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