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NYU Video Services and Resources

NYU has many video services available, all of which are staffed by helpful and well-informed professionals. Providing services to assist you in creating elements for instruction are a top priority for the University, and NYU’s professional video services can be particularly useful in cases where you require more resources than you or your department can manage. So what do we mean by “Professional” video production?

Whereas some NYU services are designed to give you the resources and consultation necessary to produce your own video, others serve to do much of the actual technical work of production and assist you with bringing your project’s vision to fruition.

One of the biggest advantages of working with professional video services is the experience and expertise that the video team will bring to the project as well as the opportunity to have the video process demystified. If you choose to utilize the resources available from NYU’s professional video services, there are a few things you should keep in mind, as you head into your first consultation:

Video productions are typically composed of a series of phases including:

  • development
  • acquisition
  • post-production and
  • deliverables

Because of the large amount of work that goes into professionally produced video content, it is important to plan ahead. Depending on resource availability, videos may take weeks to schedule, shoot, and edit. Some resources will have fees attached to them (i.e.: NYU-TV), as well, which you should investigate before committing to any single approach.

Keep in mind that the more time that is spent in the pre-production planning phases, the easier it becomes to define the project’s scope. Sharing portfolios of work that has been done before or exchanging examples of what you do/don’t like is important to the process. Moreover, you should also consider the level of authorship you can bring to the content including your participation in the different phases of development and creation.

Once the project moves forward to the production phase, there are a series of best practices for on-camera recordings which you may also find helpful.

Instructional Video Resources

NYU's Global Learning and Innovation Group (GLI) is a unique case, in that it is not strictly involved in Video Production. Rather, it focuses on total or partial curricular redesign, of which video is often a part. Specialists work closely with faculty to achieve a balance of research-informed teaching and instructional design practices. The goal is to improve student mastery and motivation both inside and outside the classroom. By combining faculty members' deep disciplinary expertise with the use of digital tools, 21st century students are better able to

  • gather or create information
  • analyze data
  • present findings and
  • collaborate with peers

Together, instructional technologists and faculty solve curricular problems, design effective and engaging learning environments, and create original, multimedia course content. The types of media and data we develop include (among others): animations, interactive media, video interviews or lectures, case-study video, simulations, dynamic presentations, multimedia lesson modules, games, and data visualization as well as spatial data and a variety of data types used for statistical or quantitative analysis.

Consider NYU's Global Learning and Innovation Group (GLI) instructional design services when you would like to design a technology enhanced course to include:

  • professional instructional video content that enhances or provides additional value to your teaching and learning in or outside the classroom
  • video content with elements such as case studies, panel discussions with experts, interviews, or quality presentations with motion graphics
  • widely deployed video that requires higher production value

To schedule a consultation for services please use this form to request assistance.

Professional Video Resources in New York


NYU-TV works with faculty and staff in New York to create video-based course materials. Professional video production resources are also available at other global locations.

NYU-TV serves the academic community in the creation of professional quality video recordings. Whether you are interested in the taping of a conference, lecture, performance, studio production or short video, NYU-TV’s team of professionals are available to consult on your project from pre-production through distribution. From single or multicamera recordings to live webcasting and video-on-demand, NYU-TV can work with you to customize your project using a wide variety of HD video equipment. NYU-TV’s services also include post-production and transcoding of digital files for distribution on multiple platforms.

Consider NYU-TV for your professional video services when:

  • Creating video content that enhances or provides additional value to your classroom instruction. There are opportunities for working in partnership with teams from Global Technology Services and the Digital Studio, who may provide instructional technologists for projects related to course development.
  • Creating video content with elements such as animations or interviews or lectures that require a TV studio documenting events with multiple cameras.
  • Live webcasting of events.
  • Creating widely deployed video that requires higher production value.

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