tablet showing VC classroom

When is Video-Web Conferencing most appropriate?

(This service is currently available under a limited deployment, and requires additional training and support. For more information, contact the NYU Classes Team.)  

Video-web conferencing should be considered for use when no more than a few remote individuals need to join a classroom. Managing multiple remote participants as well as a classroom of students presents logistical challenges. 

Examples of appropriate use:

  • A guest lecturer or subject matter expert who resides in another city, state, or country can speak to the class from his/her remote location.
  • Faculty teaching a course on occasion may have a commitment requiring them to be off campus. They can use video-web conferencing software to lecture from a remote location to the students in the VC classroom, rather than rescheduling the class.
  • One or two students who need to take a course being offered at another NYU campus.