Video conferencing class in Abu Dhabi

What are Video Conferencing Classrooms?

A rich video conference experience is ensured by state-of-the-art classroom equipment and technology. It also requires appropriate design and layout of the physical space.

There are several classroom options across NYU’s global campuses that can be used for collaboration. These include seminar classrooms, mid/large classrooms, and large lecture halls/auditoriums. VC technology can accommodate all of these classrooms, but it is ideally suited for a seminar-size room.

In seminar-style VC classrooms, faculty and students are lit, microphoned, and on-camera at all times. Multiple cameras provide a panoramic, full-room view of all, or nearly all students so that instructors and students can see and be seen by the paired classroom. No one needs to manage cameras (to pan and zoom in on a speaker) or manage microphones.

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