video conferencing class

Choosing which video and audio communication technology best suits your course is essential to enhanced teaching and learning for students across the global campuses.

Audio and Video Conferencing Tools at NYU

NYU Zoom
NYU Zoom is cloud-based, full featured web, video , and audio conferencing service which allows online meetings and webinars. The service is used for online teaching, training, remote support, audio calls, and meetings. This offering can be used instead of hardware focused videoconferencing services such as Polycom and Cisco with comparable results.

NYU Hangouts
NYU Hangouts Classic (Google) allows NYU community members to communicate in real-time via text conversations, group text conversations, video calls, and group video calls. Hangouts is an optional update to NYU Chat. The service is part of Google Apps for Education at NYU.

NYU Meet (Google) (Limited Release)
NYU Meet allows NYU current community members to communicate in real time via web-based video and audio meetings. This service is integrated into NYU Calendar (Google) and NYU Chat (Google), and is also available as a standalone service.

Video Conference (VC) Classrooms
NYU supports more than 20 video conference classrooms across all portal campuses and a number of global sites. These classrooms include a live video link including audio, video and shared media between at least two and as many as four remote classrooms.

Video-Web Conferencing
A remote participant joins a room-based video conference via a laptop or desktop computer.

Key questions for choosing the best technology:

  • How many students and faculty will participate?
  • Will faculty co-teach students in one or more locations?
  • Will some faculty teach remotely?
  • From how many locations will students and faculty join the class?
  • What kind of gear and infrastructure is available at these locations?
  • Will some students and faculty be using tablets to connect remotely?
  • What kind of video and audio collaborations will best help students learn (e.g. discussions, presentations, meetings)?