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  Group Name     Key Services   
1. Classroom Media Services
(Silver Center, Room LL7A)    
  • General purpose classroom technology support
  • Classroom technology training for faculty
  • Classroom video conferencing support
  • University school and department events support    
2. Academic Computing Services
(10 Astor Place,
75 Third Ave,
35 West 4th street,
14 Washington Place,
Kimmel Center,
7 East 12th street)    
  • Academic Technology Centers and student computing
  • Residential computing
  • Public computing
  • Academic and enterprise software acquisition and distribution
  • Virtual computer lab, NYU print service, … and 22 more!
3. Academic Tech Systems
(7 E 12th street)    
  • Google Apps: email, calendar, drive, sites, groups, chat
  • NYU Brightspace – virtual computing lab
  • NYU Stream – Files – Workspace
  • Wikis – Wordpress – Unix Computing Accounts
4. Advanced Media Studio
(35 West 4th Street, 2nd floor)    
  • Wide-format archival print service
  • Laser service
  • Rapid prototyping 3D print service
  • 3D scanning service
  • Project development consultation service    
5. Instructional Media & Technology
(Digital Studio on 5th Floor,
Bobst Library)    
  • GAFE, NYU Stream, NYU Wikis, NYU Files, Blended Learning Room
  • Digital Studio services    
6. Academic Technology Services
(Digital Studio on 5th Floor,
Bobst Library)    
  • NYU Brightspace and its many integrations
  • Digital Studio (with Libraries)
  • Clickers (with Campus Media Services)
7. Data Services
(5th Floor, Bobst Library)    
  • Consultation/instruction in using quantitative, geospatial, qualitative, and survey analysis software
  • Finding and accessing data
  • Data management planning for researchers
8. Digital Studio
(5th Floor, Bobst Library)    
  • Audio/video capture, production, & publication
  • File storage, management, and sharing (incl. Stream, Files)
  • Image capture, editing, storage (flatbed, slide, film)
  • Blended Learning Room: instructional design, video modules
9. Global Learning & Innovation Group in NYU Information Technology
(3 Washington Square Village
& 838 Broadway)    

Integrate 21st century skills, media & technology with
school, department & course curricula

  • Collaboratively designs effective and engaging learning environments, and creates original multimedia course content
  • Instructional design on best pedagogical approaches for hybrid or online learning
  • Professional content development. The types of media and data we develop include (among others):
    animations, interactive media, video interviews, short lectures, case-study videos, simulations, dynamic presentations, multimedia lesson modules, games, and data visualization as well as spatial data and a variety of data types used for statistical or quantitative analysis
  • Blended or full online course design
  • Innovative pedagogical approaches to deliver quality learning experiences
10. Global Video Conferencing Support
User-facing VC Support
First –tier troubleshooting of VC systems
  • Communicating w/ vendors to maintain, repair & upgrade all VC facilities.
  • Maintain inventory and database of global VC endpoints
11. Center for Advancement of Teaching
(194 Mercer Street, 4th Floor)    
  • Provides faculty development programs
  • Resources and activities that foster the enhancement of teaching and learning
  • Promotes an on-going university-wide discussion about teaching and learning matters
12. Office of Academic Assessment
(194 Mercer Street, 4th floor)    
  • Consults with departments and faculty on design, implementation, analysis, and use of student learning assessment plans