Step 1: First Time Using Zoom

NYU Zoom is a web conferencing tool for teaching and learning located in the course menu of all course sites.

If you have not activated your NYU Zoom account already, and you are accessing Zoom through your course site for the first time, you may see an error message followed by a link to Once you click on the link provided, return back to your course site to set up your sessions.  

OR you can go to NYU Zoom directly:

Open a private or incognito window in your browser and go to and select the "Login to Zoom" button. (While not required, using a private window will ensure that you don't accidentally log into a non-NYU Zoom account.) Your NYU Zoom account will be automatically activated after you enter your NYU NetID and password. Once logged in, you can return to your course site to schedule meetings, publish office hours, and post class time for your students.

Step 2: Deliver your Content

Recording lectures

Record your lecture via screen recording or webcam through NYU Stream and post to your course site. With NYU Stream, you can take advantage of other features, such as automatic captioning to meet accessibility standards.
Learn more: NYU Stream

Populating your course site

Upload course documents and link to multimedia materials to your NYU Brightspace course site or NYU Drive, and send a message via an announcement to your students.

Real-time lectures

NYU Zoom offers the best experience for face-to-face online interaction with your students. It includes the ability to share your screen and collaborate in real-time via a digital whiteboard. You can also choose to enable Zoom's recording and sharing feature to reference in later course discussions. Please note: It is important to publish required real-time lectures in advance to your students, at the time your course has been scheduled by the Registrar.

To ensure that your network connection functions efficiently, NYU recommends opening and testing Zoom before starting a real-time lecture.

Creating Groups in NYU Brightspace

You can use groups to organize users’ work on projects and assignments, or you can create special work areas for users with different learning needs.
Read more about NYU Brightspace: Groups

Leading discussions online

Forums and Discussion

The Discussions tool NYU Brightspace enables students to respond to discussion topics. These tools allow instructors to provide students with an avenue for participation and dialog in an online environment.

NYU Zoom

Experienced NYU Zoom users can use breakout rooms. Any required live sessions must happen at the scheduled class time.

Communicating with students


Send your class announcements directly using the Announcements tool in NYU Brightspace. Announcements can also send an email to your entire class.


Emailing students at their NYU email accounts is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with them individually and in groups.

Virtual office hours 

Use Zoom to schedule office hours. Each individual has the ability to activate the waiting room feature for their personal meeting room.