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Read below to find out about the NYU College of Global Public Health instructional technologists, and what they are doing to enhance education with technology.

Marina Thomatos, PhD

Senior Educational Design Technologist, NYU Information Technology, and College of Global Public Health

Marina is an Senior Educational Design Technologist with NYU IT's TLT group and the lead technologist at the College of Global Public Health. At NYU she has worked on courses for the College of Global Public Health, Silver School of Social Work and The College of Arts and Science. She is also an adjunct professor of archaeology at Hunter College (CUNY) and has published a book on the Greek Bronze Age. Marina earned a B.A. in Art History from New York University (CAS), an M.A. in Archaeology from University College London, and a PhD. in Classics/Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh. She is currently pursuing her second M.A. in Digital Media Design for Learning at NYU.

Katy Auchter

Instructional Technologist, College of Global Public Health

Katy is an Instructional Technologist at NYU's College of Global Public Health. At CGPH, she works closely with faculty to manage and develop online courses. She has received her M.A. in Educational Technology from Adelphi University, and has worked on digital content and curriculum products at Pearson, CUNY, and the Institute of Play.