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Read below to find out about the NYU College of Dentistry instructional technologists, and what they are doing to enhance education with technology.

Cristián Opazo

Director of Educational Technology, NYU College of Dentistry

Working at the office of Academic Affairs and Research, and in collaboration with the teaching and clinical faculty, Cristián is in charge of establishing and implementing the long-term strategy for technology-enhanced education at the College of Dentistry. He serves as Chair of the Instructional Technology Committee, which advises the Dean on issues of integration of technology into the curriculum.

Lillian Moran

Senior Educational Design Technologist, NYU College of Dentistry

Lillian is an educational designer working with faculty to conceptualize and (re)design pedagogically sound courses in a face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online format. While at NYU, Lillian has worked as an instructional technologist, enterprise service lead, support and training lead, and project manager. She has presented at multiple faculty events on effective teaching and learning with technology. Lillian is a PhD candidate in ECT (NYU Steinhardt), and has an M.Sc. in IT in Education from the University of Dublin, Trinity College.