The Center for Faculty Advancement (CFA) oversees the Faculty Resource Network (FRN), an academic partnership that promotes faculty development, academic leadership development, and collaboration among higher education institutions across the United States. Now in its fourth decade, NYU remains committed to fostering connection, collaboration, and community among and between our member institutions.

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Symposia and Institutes

The issues and questions that face the higher education community are often confronted most effectively in a collective manner. Faculty Resource Network symposia bring faculty and higher education administrators together to examine timely issues facing higher education. During these events, participants engage with keynote speakers, panelists, and participants to provide critical analysis of selected topics. Further, FRN events provide rare opportunities for connection, collaboration, communication, and collegiality across institutions, disciplines, and professions.

Visiting Scholar Programs

The visiting scholar programs offer FRN faculty an opportunity to come to New York University to engage in scholarly work. Participants in the program spend either a semester-long sabbatical or a month-long summer residency engaging in research, revising and developing curricula, or producing manuscripts for publication.

Visiting Scholar Programs
Network Summer: Calvin B. Grimes Scholar-In-Residence
This residency is awarded on an annual basis to a faculty member whose project furthers the goal of promoting cross-cultural understanding and tolerance through closer alignment of the arts and the humanities.
Network Summer: Michael E. Fassiotto Scholar-In-Residence
This residency is awarded on an annual basis to a faculty member whose project focuses on the development of innovative and unique pedagogies that can be implemented across a variety of disciplines to enhance the educational process.
Semester Scholar-In-Residence The Semester Scholar-in-Residence program allows FRN faculty who are either on leave or sabbatical from their home institution to come to New York University to engage in research, develop curricula, and/or produce manuscripts for publication during the Fall or Spring semester.
University Associate (UA) The University Associates program grants FRN member institution faculty physical access to the NYU Libraries and allows for auditing of courses across the University.
Scholar Remote Fellowship
This Fellowship affords FRN faculty the opportunity to pursue research projects supported by the vast digital holdings of New York University’s Division of Libraries. Scholars are granted electronic access for up to one year to over one million e-books and 166,000 e-journals in NYU’s online collections.
Scholar Remote Consulting Opportunity
Half-hour confidential teaching consultations are available for FRN member institution faculty with NYU Instructional Consultant Professor Robert DiYanni.

Enrichment Seminars

The Faculty Resource Network hosts a series of week-long intensive seminars designed to enhance participants’ teaching and scholarship. During the week, participants engage in focused discussions, review current literature, and participate in field trips and interactive learning sessions. Interested faculty must apply to the seminars, and participation is limited to approximately 25 per seminar in order to ensure a focused, collegial experience.

Enrichment Seminars
Network Summer
Network Summer is a week-long intensive seminar or independent research residencies that enhance and revitalize their teaching and scholarship, with special emphasis on teaching methodologies, have undergraduate curriculum, and educational experience.
Network Winter Network Winter offers faculty the opportunity to participate in week-long intensive seminars during winter intersession with a focus on the importance of teaching and research.