The Center for Faculty Advancement (CFA) is committed to innovation and excellence in teaching. Our expert staff facilitate pedagogy programs for faculty, provide individualized support for course design and implementation, and administer awards and events to promote achievement in teaching across the university.

Support for Teaching and Learning

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iTLAB (Immersive Technology Lab)

The Immersive Technology Lab (iTLAB) offers support to faculty exploring the potential of XR (eXtended Reality) technologies. Our services include guided introductions to virtual reality, intermediate and advanced VR workshops, immersive software training, and guidance determining the best methods to achieve your goals exploring the potential of these emerging technologies.

Service Descriptions

Service Disclaimer: The availability of iTLAB services is contingent upon the lab's commitments, resource availability, and the request's alignment with the mission of the Center for Faculty Advancement. If you would like a consultation about iTLAB services, go here. If you need guidance on a larger project or a proposal related to XR, please contact:

Teaching Excellence and Support for Curricular Development

Distinguished Teaching Award

The Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) highlights New York University's commitment to teaching excellence and is given annually to selected outstanding members of the faculty. Recipients are awarded a research stipend. Students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni are invited to submit nominations to their school's DTA representative no later than Wednesday, December 8, 2021. Final nominations from school representatives to the NYU All-University Selection Committee are due on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

2021-2022 Distinguished Teaching Award Winners

2021-2022 Distinguished Teaching Award Winners (top left to bottom right): Donna Hallas, Clinical Professor, Rory Meyers College of Nursing; Sonia Marciano, Clinical Professor, Management & Organizations, Leonard N. Stern School of Business; Mara Mills, Associate Professor, Media, Culture, and Communication, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development; Michael Poles, Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine, Grossman School of Medicine; Mark Siegal, Professor, Biology and Genomics, Faculty of Arts and Science; Kenji Yoshino, Professor, School of Law.

Distinguished Teaching Awards Video Series

Welcome to the Distinguished Teaching Awards Video Series, where annual award winners share successful classroom strategies they’ve developed over their careers, and discuss the challenges they still face.

2019-2020 DTA Winners

Despite their experience and expertise, winners of the 2019-2020 awards navigated new teaching terrain. They learned to improvise and to be agile during varied phases of the pandemic. They learned that technology offered opportunities to connect with students at a distance as never before, and that it also had its limits. And they continued to learn the value of engagement and inclusivity regardless of their teaching format. FInally, they learned to grow as teachers in spite of, and because of the challenges they faced.

Please watch interviews with DTA winners: Dolly Chugh, Stern School of Business, Kenneth Egol, Grossman School of Medicine, Troy McKenzie, School of Law, and Stephen Duncombe, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, as they discuss the following questions.

Who or what inspired you to teach?
What failures have made you a better teacher?
What strategies do you use to engage students?
How do you know when students are learning?
How do you ensure an inclusive classroom?
How did the pandemic transform your teaching?
How do you continue to grow as a teacher?

Join NYU’s Distinguished Teaching Award Winners: Reflecting on Experience, Part 2 on February 17, 2022

Each year, the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) honors a select group of faculty for their commitment to teaching excellence at NYU. This past fall, recipients from 2019–2020 DTA convened a panel to share the successful classroom strategies they’ve developed over their careers, as well as the challenges they still face. This spring, recipients of the 2020-2021 DTA will continue the conversation, reflecting on their careers, teaching practices, and what they’ve learned about teaching in these extraordinary times.

Teaching Advancement Grant

The Center for Faculty Advancement (CFA) at NYU is pleased to offer Teaching Advancement Grant (TAG). This grant aims to develop innovative curricular programs and projects at New York University, including new academic courses and programs, enhanced and expanded existing courses or programs, and special projects. The Teaching Advancement Grant (TAG) seeks to build upon the success of an earlier fund, the Curricular Development Challenge Fund (CDCF) that has now been sunsetted. TAG’s innovative collaboration model will impact classrooms across NYU (and potentially other universities) by developing measurable, evidence-based, and effective classroom practices capable of improving student learning in a variety of contexts.

Thank you for your interest in the Teaching Advancement Grant. While submissions are now closed, the CFA is here to help with all things related to your teaching. Please contact us at any time at


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