About Faculty 180

Interfolio Faculty 180 is a comprehensive faculty activity reporting system that assists full-time faculty with capturing a wide array of scholarly, creative, and professional activities.

Interfolio Faculty 180 is based on accurate, reliable and transparent data, a system that streamlines NYU's business processes and, most importantly, helps us to advance faculty professional and career success. Faculty 180 will be implemented in phases starting in the Fall of 2021, and aims to transition all schools to this platform by Spring of 2023. Once Interfolio Faculty 180 is fully implemented throughout the university, this robust platform will assist full-time faculty and administrators with the annual reporting process.

A policy on privacy and data use is under development with input and participation from full-time faculty, Deans, Vice Provosts, and other key stakeholders.

Faculty Users


All full-time faculty (Tenure-Track/Tenured and Full Time Continuing Contract) will have access to Interfolio Faculty 180 once it is implemented in their school.

Training and Help

  • An online tutorial is available to full-time faculty via NYU iLearn
  • Additional Help resources for Faculty
  • FAQs for Faculty

Administrative and Support Users


  1. Administrators and support staff must complete Interfolio Faculty 180 training via iLearn:
    1. Online training for Unit Administrators to self enroll.
    2. Online training for Support Staff to self enroll.
  2. Provost’s Office staff will review the training completions and approve access accordingly. Once the access is provisioned, you will be notified. 
  3. After Provost Office approval, administrators and support staff will be able to  login to Interfolio Faculty 180 via the Interfolio Faculty Information System card in NYU Home. (Note: Administrators who do not have the Interfolio card must contact their School’s HRO to gain access.)

Training and Help

  • eLearning for administrative and support users is available via NYU iLearn
  • Additional Help resources for Administrative users
  • FAQs for Administrative users


Individuals who are granted access to Faculty 180 will have access to the Interfolio Faculty Information System card available through NYU Home.


NYU specific Interfolio Faculty 180 questions or inquiries should be directed to Interfolio.support@nyu.edu

Product specific support should be directed to the Interfolio Scholar Services team at help@interfolio.com or by calling (877) 997-8807.