The Center for Faculty Advancement (CFA) is committed to faculty success and provides research and practice support in form mentoring during the faculty lifecycle beginning with New Faculty Orientation (NFO). During NFO, faculty may become members of a mentoring institute that fosters the advancement, promotion, and retention of all faculty across NYU departments and schools.

Early Career Faculty Institute

NYU’s Office of the Provost and its Center for Faculty Advancement (CFA) launched the Early Career Faculty Institute (ECFI) to mentor tenure-eligible faculty in their first three years of appointment. The program comprises ten modules spanning a two-year period, beginning in fall 2021. From research and funding support to teaching philosophy, ECFI modules will cover core areas that foster the productivity, success, and retention of NYU faculty.


Career advancement and professional development occur over a trajectory with a number of distinct phases. At each phase of the faculty lifecycle there are important milestones that, when met, can help advance faculty and institutional goals. The table below depicts the key developmental phases of faculty careers at NYU and includes resources that are aligned with each developmental phase in order to support faculty career development and bolster long-term student and university productivity and success.

Key Developmental Phases of the Faculty Lifecycle

Developmental Phases

Phase One


and Cultivation

of Faculty


Phase Two

Interview Process,


and Onboarding

Phase Three

Early Career


Phase Four



Phase Five

Senior Career


New Faculty Orientation

The New Faculty Orientation is an opportunity to learn about NYU’s academic and professional resources, network with new colleagues and peers, and become familiar with the programs, services and policies that shape teaching, research, and scholarship at NYU. This orientation is an important first step in becoming familiarized with NYU and provides new faculty with key resources to acclimate into their new position. All new faculty members are encouraged to attend and gain important strategies for success at NYU.

About New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation was held virtually on Thursday, September 9, 2021. Combining staff from the Provost’s Office and the Center for Faculty Advancement, NYU has designed the day to provide our new faculty with a broad overview of resources, both scholastic and logistic, to set faculty on the path to success.


Our partners and colleagues in the Office of Research,  NYU Division of Libraries, the Office of Global Inclusion and Diversity, and the Office of Work-Life are involved in developing the thriving teaching and research environment and faculty wellness. Together, with the Center for Faculty Advancement, new faculty will learn about resources available for a smooth and successful transition to NYU. The day includes break-out sessions and more.

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