Instructors who want to experiment with incorporating video into their courses have full access to training, software, and tools at the Digital Studio. Instructional media and technology specialists at the Digital Studio assist instructors through the content creation process and application of video vignettes (around 3-5 minutes) to support teaching and learning. Faculty can now deliver video content to their students on the same day it is produced.


Services Include

  • Consultation and training for Instructional Video Modules and NYU Stream
  • Multimedia capture, production, and publication for audio, video, and images using various editing and delivery tools and platforms, as well as file storage and management

Examples of Faculty Projects

"How do I create a course online that I would want to take?"

John O’Malley wanted to bring the same level of student engagement and passion from his face-to-face course to the online version. As an instructor he felt the need to stay current with the latest technology and pedagogies to enhance his course. One of Mr. O’Malley’s main concerns was how to ensure the students feel a sense of connection online. Learn more about the process.  


NYU Pediatric Dentistry: Blended Learning Model
Pediatric Dentistry was experiencing attendance issues. To help, the Digital Studio team recommended a curriculum re-design using a blended learning model. The re-design incorporates: NYU Classes online learning modules; frequent assessment; face-to-face interactions using active learning strategies; and student engagement. Student attendance has increased.
Find out more about the Pediatric Dentistry re-design.


School of Professional Studies' Rich Brown: Face-to-Face to Fully Online Course
Professor Brown engaged the Digital Studio team to discuss methods of transitioning Fundraising and Concepts to a fully online course. The re-designed course includes video modules and live online sessions, and is now available to students around the world.
Find out more about Rich Brown's course re-design.


Italian Studies: Collaborative Effort of 13 Instructors
In Italian Studies courses, only Italian is spoken, and grammar structures are presented implicitly. The Digital Studio and the Italian Studies department decided to develop videos, filmed by instructors, offering highlights in English of the grammar points in the textbooks.
Find out more about the Italian Studies videos.


Principles of Biology Lab: Pre-Lab Videos
Dr. Eric Brenner’s Principles of Biology Lab is a huge course with 400 students. Dr. Brenner noticed issues around student engagement and lack of pre-lab knowledge. The Digital Studio team worked with Dr. Brenner to create a series of pre-lab videos. This new approach helped increase student engagement.
Find out more about Principles of Biology Lab videos.