Departments and programs at NYU can also collaborate with instructional technologists on a full-program design or redesign.

Case Study: Advanced Certificate in Public Health

The Global Institute of Public Health offers a fully-online Advanced Certificate in Public Health. For each of the five courses in the certificate, an instructional technologist and a professor worked together, often going through and redesigning syllabi, lectures, exams, and projects to make them more suitable for online learning. These courses are currently offered to graduate students as stand-alone foundation courses or as part of a 15-credit advanced certificate in public health that is also available to public health professionals.


  • Building lessons in NYU Classes allows faculty to develop a strong and coherent narrative to the course, complete with embedded forums, questions, multimedia content, and assignments
  • Instructors can succinctly narrate a visual message through the use of video and animation
  • Forums encourage students to think deeply about questions and craft intelligent responses allowing faculty to respond with meaningful feedback

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