Section 80 of the University Bylaws provides that “the power of suspending or dismissing a student in any college or school is lodged with the voting faculty of that school, but the President and Chancellor or the dean of a college or school, or their respective representatives, may suspend a student pending the consideration of his or her case by his or her faculty. The Senate shall have power to act in situations involving more than one college or school.” In general, each school handles breaches of academic discipline, such as plagiarism or cheating on examinations. Matters involving breaches of the peace or disruptive disturbances may come within the jurisdiction of the Faculty or the Senate, depending on the nature of the circumstances. The Senate has approved a “Statement of Policy on Student Conduct at New York University” and the “Student Disciplinary Procedures,” as well as a general set of “New York University Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order.” For further information, contact the Dean’s Office in the appropriate school or the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.