NYU Libraries is an 11-library, 5.9 million volume system whose flagship is the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library on Washington Square. To learn more about the extensive resources and services available to faculty and students throughout NYU's global network, please visit the Libraries.

New York University Press

New York University Press publishes over 110 new books each year with nearly 3,000 titles in print. NYU faculty members are highly encouraged to submit book manuscripts in those disciplines where the Press is actively publishing: anthropology, criminology, cultural and American studies, environmental studies, law, media studies and communication, politics, religion, and sociology. While the Press considers manuscripts from scholars everywhere, it gives particular attention to the work of NYU faculty members.

University Relations and Public Affairs

The Office of University Relations and Public Affairs (URPA) is responsible for ensuring that the University’s message, agenda, and image are effectively and creatively projected to external and internal audiences. URPA provides assistance to NYU academic and operating units in dealing with the media; publications needs, both online and print; interaction with government at all levels; planning major events; and outreach to the community, including student volunteer efforts.

Office for University Development and Alumni Relations

The Office for University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) is dedicated to soliciting the private funds necessary to support the strategic goals of the University in teaching, learning and research. UDAR raises funds for immediate University use and also for the University's endowment for such critical operations as student aid, faculty support, academic and research program development, and facilities and infrastructure. Alumni may access the Alumni site for alumni news and information about benefits and events.

The Center for Faculty Advancement

The Center for Faculty Advancement connects and collaborates with the NYU community to recruit, retain, develop, and advance faculty whose scholarship, teaching and community engagement will positively impact the world. We accomplish this by providing knowledge, resources, mentoring, and engagement opportunities that prepare faculty to pursue their scholarly aspirations and meet key career milestones such as tenure, promotion and contract renewal. Through these and other services, we support the development of academic leaders and enable faculty to connect their work with communities across the globe. Email:

Resources and Support Offices for Research

A number of University offices are dedicated to directing and supporting faculty research, including externally sponsored research. These include the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Contract Office, Environmental Health and Safety, Entrepreneurial Institute, Government Affairs and Civic Engagement, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Office of Veterinary Resources, Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), University Animal Welfare Committee, and University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects. NYU provides a large number of institutional funding opportunities, research residencies through the Provost's Global Research Initiatives program, and international research programs at the portal campuses and research institutes of NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi.

Faculty Resource Network

NYU’s Faculty Resource Network (FRN), established in 1984, is an award-winning professional development initiative that sponsors programs for faculty members from a consortium of over 50 colleges and universities, which are designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning at its member and affiliate institutions. 

Visiting Scholars Program

The program for visiting scholars, visiting research professors, and visiting exchange professors extends specified courtesy titles and privileges to scholars of distinction who visit New York University in order to engage in research and scholarship, and in general scholarly and cultural interaction with New York University’s faculty and students. The courtesy titles may not be granted for the purpose of providing free courses or other privileges to graduate or post-graduate students, or for the sole purpose of providing library privileges.

Visiting scholars, visiting research professors, and visiting exchange professors are considered guests of the University who may visit for a temporary period of up to one year (renewable). As non-employees, they have no teaching or other responsibilities and are not entitled to salary or housing. Visiting scholars, visiting research professors, and visiting exchange professors covered by this program may not in any way perform in the role of an employee at New York University. For further information, faculty members may contact their Dean’s Office and can view the Visiting Scholar application form.