Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty

This part of the Faculty Handbook begins under the heading Academic Freedom and Tenure with Titles I-VII of the University’s formal rules of tenure and related provisions. As noted in the preceding section, Faculty Titles, in 1960, the Board of Trustees issued a comprehensive statement on the subject of permanent or continuous tenure. It appeared in a section headed “Statement in Regard to Academic Freedom and Tenure.” This provision has been amended, from time to time, by the Board of Trustees.  The current provision is set forth below.

General criteria for promotion and tenure for tenured and tenure-track faculty are cited in Title I, Article V. The core principles and procedures for tenure and promotion at the University appear in the New York University Promotion and Tenure Guidelines. In addition, colleges and schools have their own internal rules, procedures, and policies, such as statements on faculty appointment policies and procedures, particularly those concerning promotion and tenure criteria and review procedures, which may supplement – but do not supersede or replace – policies outlined in this Faculty Handbook unless an exception has been granted by the Board of Trustees or President and Chancellor.  In case of conflicts between school policies and the Faculty Handbook, the text of the Faculty Handbook will govern.