[University Bylaws, Section 77]

“Appointment to an administrative office, including but not limited to the office of executive dean, dean, vice dean, associate dean, assistant dean, director, secretary, department head, and department chair, will be without limit of time, unless otherwise specified, but may be terminated at any time without prejudice to a faculty member’s tenure or contractual rights (a) by the President and Chancellor, or, in the case of the Robert I. Grossman School of Medicine and the Long Island School of Medicine, by the Executive Vice President for NYU Langone Health, or the Board; (b) in the case of an appointment other than an executive dean or dean or head, by the executive dean or dean, or by their respective designees; and (c) in the case of an appointment of a head, by the appropriate deans jointly or by the Provost.” A faculty member’s contracted rights are not affected solely by removal from an administrative position.