In order to foster an ongoing relationship with the University’s retirees, a number of perquisites are available through the University and the individual schools. Faculty members may contact their Dean’s Office for details.

To determine eligibility for benefits after retirement, the Benefits Office or the Dean’s Office should be consulted. 

Professor Emerita; Professor Emeritus

The honorific titles of Professor Emerita and Professor Emeritus are given only to full professors, including full professors with modified titles such as “Arts,” “Clinical,” “Music,” and “Industry,” who have served New York University with academic distinction for a long enough time prior to retirement to have become identified historically in the profession as New York University professors. Emeritus faculty retain the title held at the time of retirement, modified by the incorporation of the Emeritus or Emerita designation. This title is given only upon formal retirement from active service, or at least from full-time active service at NYU. A faculty member who is not eligible to retire from NYU under policies in effect at the time is normally not eligible for consideration for emeritus status. The title is not automatic. Nominations for the emeritus distinction must be recommended by a vote of the faculty member’s (primary) department and endorsed by the department Chair; in schools without department organization, the Dean / Director shall convene an ad hoc committee of at least three full-time faculty members at the level of full professor to consider nominations. The recommendation for emeritus status shall be reviewed by the Dean / Director, who may submit a recommendation and endorsement to the Provost, who makes the final decision.