Each school governed by the University Guidelines1 is required to establish its own policies governing the appointment, review, and reappointment of Continuing Contract Faculty consistent with school culture and history, and sensitive to the diversity of Continuing Contract Faculty roles and responsibilities in the school. These policies must contain a comprehensive set of procedures that conform to the general principles set forth herein, and must appear in a document that is readily available (in print and on the web) to all faculty members of the school.

In response to the Guidelines and as appropriate thereafter, schools shall formulate and/or amend their policies in accordance with existing school governance processes and with the expectation that Continuing Contract Faculty shall participate in formulating and/or amending the school policy to the extent and manner in which school governance policies permit. Policies on Continuing Contract Faculty developed or amended by the school according to such procedures will be reviewed by the Provost to determine whether the procedures applied in their formulation and manner of adoption have provided for adequate deliberation and representation of the view of the school’s faculty taken as a whole, and whether the substance of the policy: (i) is consistent with general University policy and the University Bylaws; (ii) is compatible with the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, or artistic achievement and service within a community of respectful and respected academic professionals; and (iii) has no adverse implications for the University.

Newly formulated or amended school policies governing the hiring, review, and reappointment of Continuing Contract Faculty are effective and binding only upon approval of the Provost, who in reaching their decision shall consult with the Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Senators Council (T-FSC) and the Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council (C-FSC). All policies must be consistent with the University’s Bylaws and with actions of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Each school shall establish a formal process for conducting a five-year review of the school policy initially approved under these guidelines and for successive reviews of the policy and its implementation periodically thereafter. This review shall include a written report from the school dean to the Provost, who shall consider both the substance of the policy as well as its implementation.

1 At this time, the Guidelines do not apply to NYU’s health professional schools (the Robert I. Grossman School of Medicine, Long Island School of Medicine, College of Dentistry, Rory Meyers College of Nursing, or the School of Global Public Health) or to NYU’s portal campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.  However, these schools are expected to embrace the spirit and values reflected in these guidelines, and to adopt policies accordingly.