Global Faculty Fund (GFF)

In light of COVID-19, all NYU-sponsored travel, including the Global Faculty Fund, have been paused.

The Global Faculty Fund (hereafter GFF), administered by the Office of Global Programs, supports faculty initiatives at NYU’s Global Sites that are undertaken in partnership with NYU schools and departments for the following purposes:

  1. To enhance existing site courses: This may include developing field-based experiential education projects, incorporating writing tutorials in classes, covering expenses associated with student team projects and undergraduate research, creating materials that will bring a local perspective to textbooks, and using technology to enhance teaching (e.g., creating podcasts, online databases, apps, and wikis).
  2. To develop multi-site projects: These may include conferences and workshops, in-person or online, which are related to teaching or course enhancement.
  3. To promote faculty development: Examples include attending conferences and workshops, purchasing books and subscriptions, and commissioning translations—provided that these activities are connected to a course that the lecturer is teaching.
  4. To facilitate faculty collaboration by travel to New York: Funds may be used for short-term travel to meet with departmental and school colleagues in New York. The meetings should have clear outcomes (e.g. enhancing course curriculum, collaborating on multi-site projects, etc.)

The GFF does not support the development of new courses. Course development should be undertaken through the Site-Specific Advisory Committees.

Please see the GFF Guidelines for further details on the submission process and selection criteria.


The Office of the Provost and NYU IT are producing a series of pedagogy videos, or “TeachTalks,” for global instructors. Each TeachTalk features an instructor from New York or one of the University’s other portal campuses (in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai) or global sites discussing a topic such as active learning, how to incorporate local resources into courses, how to teach with technology, and how to teach within an interactive classroom. As videos become available, they will be posted on this page, as well as on the website of NYU’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

Current TeachTalks


Faculty Engagement

Academic partnerships and affiliations link New York schools and departments with Global Sites, enabling a broad base of faculty participation. Site-Specific Advisory Committees bring together faculty from throughout the global network to facilitate long-term, shared, and comprehensive academic planning.