NYU’s global network serves as a resource for academic enrichment for New York faculty. As described more fully here, opportunities include joint professorships between NYU faculty in New York and Abu Dhabi or Shanghai; affiliated teaching appointments at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai; support for conferences, workshops, and similar activities at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai; and short-term housing in New York for visiting international collaborators. Brief trips ("short-term travel") to the Global Sites facilitate academic planning between departments and schools in New York and the Global Sites. Faculty (and their graduate students) interested in pursuing research interests at the global sites may receive support by applying to the Provost's Global Research Initiative. In addition to these university-wide opportunities, each school at NYU also has its own locally-defined opportunities.

Faculty Engagement

A number of University Faculty Committees are charged with addressing topics related to the global network. Academic partnerships and affiliations link New York schools and departments with Global Sites, enabling a broad base of faculty participation. Site-Specific Advisory Committees bring together Site Directors and faculty representing their departments or schools from throughout the global network to facilitate long-term, shared, and comprehensive academic planning.