Many members of NYU Abu Dhabi’s faculty have the opportunity to spend time teaching and conducting research at NYU in New York and at Global Sites early in their appointments in Abu Dhabi, as well as later in their careers. These programs are designed to encourage meaningful collaborations with colleagues in New York and beyond, and to provide additional research opportunities.

Early Career Integration in New York

Many NYU Abu Dhabi faculty members spend up to one academic year with their affiliated department in New York, often prior to the start of their service in Abu Dhabi. Occasionally, faculty – particularly those requiring significant lab-related research space -- are permitted to take shorter visits to New York to develop collaborations with their affiliated departments in lieu of a full integration year.

Mid-Career Residency

Following a pre-determined number of semesters in Abu Dhabi, some NYU Abu Dhabi faculty may spend semesters at either NYU in New York, NYU Shanghai, or one of NYU’s Global Sites, provided they receive approval from their dean, as well as their host department, school, or center, and they are eligible to work in the host country.