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How to Create Courses at Sites

A number of New York University schools and departments have developed academic partnerships and affiliations with NYU's global sites, enabling a broad base of faculty participation in discussions regarding curriculum development, faculty hiring, and other academic and co-curricular initiatives related to each NYU global site.

An “academic partnership” indicates that a department or school has a significant scholarly and curricular stake in a given global site, currently offers or is developing coursework there (also known as “curricular pathways”), and is willing to take an active role in determining the site’s academic direction through participation on the Site-Specific Advisory Committee. An "academic affiliation" with a global site means that a department or school currently offers or plans to offer at least one course at that site; these may be courses that are required for multiple majors or for general education programs. This is an important relationship, as each department or school with an affiliation will sponsor coursework in a global site. An affiliation may give rise to occasional participation on a Site-Specific Advisory Committee.

Department or schools that are interested in pursuing either a partnership or an affiliation with a global site should contact their dean and/or department chair where discussions regarding academic partnerships and affiliations are held.  

Please email the Office of Global Programs at with questions, concerns, or feedback.