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Have a question? Ask us anything.

Several senior faculty members have full- or part-time leadership roles related to the global network at the University level. Please reach out to any of us with questions about starting a study away program for your students, enhancing current offerings, teaching at a site or another portal campus, connecting with the sites to support your research, or any other issue. We will answer directly or connect you to others who can answer it best.

Eliot Borenstein, Interim Vice Chancellor and Vice Provost for Global Programs and Russian and Slavic Studies and East Asian Studies, FAS; eliot.borenstein@nyu.edu

Marianne Petit, Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Network Academic Planning and ITP/IMA, Tisch; NYU Shanghai; marianne.petit@nyu.edu

Niyati Parekh, Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Initiatives and Public Health Nutrition, School of Global Public Health; np31@nyu.edu

Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Network Faculty Planning History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, FAS; zvi@nyu.edu

Who does what?

NYU schools and departments sponsor courses and programs at the global sites, which includes designing and approving syllabi and selecting local faculty. Some schools and departments also directly manage their own study away programs outside the global network, especially during the Summer and January terms. Each school has a designated Global Liaison, and most FAS departments have designated Global Coordinators.

The Office of Global Programs (OGP) in New York manages the 12 global locations, including working with schools and departments to coordinate and support academic offerings. OGP also sponsors short-term visits to the global sites to develop or refine academic programming, deepen relationships with local faculty, or pursue similar purposes. Nancy Morrison, Vice President for Global Programs, leads OGP (nancy.morrison@nyu.edu).

The Office of the Provost sponsors the Global Research Initiatives (GRI) program, which provides support to New York faculty and graduate students to pursue research at several of the global sites, including some funding for workshops and colloquia. GRI has an FAQ page on the web, or you can email global.research@nyu.edu.

The Office of Global Services (OGS) is the central hub for visa and immigration services at NYU. Sherif Barsoum, Associate Vice President for Global Services, leads OGS (sherif.barsoum@nyu.edu). Josh Taylor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and Mobility Services, oversees these areas and monitors mobility issues around the global network (josh.taylor@nyu.edu).

Global Support is a centralized resource to help faculty undertake a variety of other activities overseas, including conducting research abroad, establishing partnerships with foreign institutions, hiring local staff, creating and maintaining foreign bank accounts, navigating sanctions and export controls, and other activities (global.support@nyu.edu). 

Where can I read more about faculty opportunities around the global network?

Visit the Faculty in the Global Network section on the NYU website.

Where are the 12 global locations, and who is in charge of them?


Frankie Edozien (fe7@nyu.edu)  

Clinical Associate Professor, Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute


Gabriella Etmektsoglou (gabriella.etmektsoglou@nyu.edu)  

Associated Faculty, Gallatin; Affiliated Faculty, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (FAS) 

Buenos Aires

Anna-Kazumi Stahl (aks5@nyu.edu) 

Associated Faculty, Gallatin 


Lorenzo Ricci (lorenzo.ricci@nyu.edu) — Associate Director of Administration 

Nicoletta Peluffo (np2781@nyu.edu) — Assistant Director for Academic Services


Mojtaba "Moji" Moatemedi (mm13129@nyu.edu) — Executive Director

Catherine Robson (catherine.robson@nyu.edu) — Academic Director

Professor of English (FAS) 

Los Angeles

Nina Sadowsky (ns161@nyu.edu) — Program Director


James Fernández ( jf2@nyu.edu)  

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese (FAS)


Alfred Galichon (ag133@nyu.edu)

Professor of Economics (FAS) and of Mathematics (Courant Institute) 


Jiří Pehe (jp63@nyu.edu) 

Affiliated Faculty, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (FAS)  


Jini Kim Watson (jini.watson@nyu.edu) — NYUNY Faculty Liaison

Professor of English and Comparative Literature (FAS) 

Tel Aviv

Benjamin Hary  (benjamin.hary@nyu.edu) 

Professor at the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies (FAS) 

Washington, DC

Kari Miller (kdm9623@nyu.edu) — Program Director 

Matthew Santirocco  (matthew.santirocco@nyu.edu) — Academic Director 

Professor of Classics and Angelo J. Ranieri Director of Ancient Studies (FAS) 

What is taught at the global sites?

The list expands every semester. New offerings in AY19-20 include a new set of courses in CS and Math. Visit the Studying Abroad page where you can find complete listings for each site and the Global Study Planner tool for students.

What faculty committees oversee and advise on global programs?

The Faculty Committee on NYU's Global Network provides a venue for faculty to engage on all academic issues related to the global network. Eliot Borenstein (Russian and Slavic Studies and East Asian Studies, FAS; eliot.borenstein@nyu.edu ) and Martin Klimke (Arts and Humanities, NYU Abu Dhabi; klimke@nyu.edu ) co-chair the committee in AY18-19

Site-Specific Advisory Committees (SSACs) ensure departmental involvement and oversight of academic and curricular matters at each of the global sites. Members include representatives from departments and schools that have established significant relationships with a given site, along with the site director. Portal campus faculty members chair the SSACs. A list of current members is here: https://goo.gl/Adj47w.

The T-FSC and C-FSC Global Network Committees monitor and analyze academic, faculty, and other issues pertaining to the global network within the University Senate. Sylvain Cappell (Mathematics, Courant; cappell@cims.nyu.edu ) and Andre Fenton (Neural Science, FAS; afenton@nyu.edu ) co-chair the T-FSC committee and Sam Howard-Spink (Music Business, Steinhardt;sam.howardspink@nyu.edu) chairs the C-FSC committee.