Our Policy

New York University allows faculty members to apply for permission to sublet their housing units.  

  • The Sublet Service is courtesy to faculty members on approved leave or sabbatical or during University break
  • Permission to sublet your apartment must be granted by the Faculty Housing Office.
  • Any assignment or sublease without the University’s consent is null and void and may give NYU the right to terminate the lease.
  • Sublets must be a minimum of 30 days with a maximum of 1 year. *Those on Global Assignment are expected to relinquish their NYU Housing and be accommodated upon their return.
  • The premise is for residential purposes only.
  • A faculty member requesting permission to sublet during an approved leave of absence or sabbatical must have the Department Chair / Dean / Director complete and sign the Sublet Approval Form.
  • The Sublet Approval form is not required during summer or winter intersession
  • The maximum rate to be charged is your base monthly rent not including utilities, e.g., electric.
  • If your apartment is furnished, you can add a 10% surcharge.
  • Sublets and assignments are governed by New York State Real Property Law 226-b.
  • The tenant of record has the final say on the sub-tenant selection process.
  • The Faculty Housing Office only accepts sublets that are owned and managed by NYU.  

Illegal Sublets

The Faculty Housing Office has received numerous complaints from tenants that some of their neighbors are renting their apartments to non-NYU affiliates for periods of less than 30 days via internet sites such as Craigslist.org and Sabbaticalhomes.com. 

Any sublease or license of the apartment or portions of the apartment, to transient tenants including overnight occupants, licensees, guests and renters through services such as Airbnb and VRBO is a violation of the lease to rent.

The University takes this issue very seriously and any such violations will be strictly penalized with sanctions up to and including eviction. Note that this policy is consistent with that of most residential buildings in Manhattan and is designed to protect the welfare of all tenants.

Non-NYU affiliate Tenants may refer to the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, Office of Rent Administration for relevant sublet laws and regulations.  

NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal

How to Apply

  1. Please have the Sublet Approval Form completed by your Department Chair the Department Chair / Dean / Director prior to listing your apartment for sublet. The Sublet Approval Form is not required during summer or winter intersession.
  2. Submit your information via the Sublet Offer Form.
  3. Your sublet posting will then be shared with the Sublet Mailing list.
  4. For your convenience, the Sublet Mailing list includes NYU affiliates and Non-affiliates searching for a sublet.
  5. Once you select a subtenant, complete the Standard Sublease Agreement in full with signatures from both the Over-tenant and the Subtenant
  6. Submit the executed agreement for review and approval to: facultyhousing.sublets@nyu.edu  
  7. Allow 5 working days for review and processing of your application