Quarantine Cookbook

As part of the Acts of Kindness series, Faculty Housing, Work Life, and Community Engagement invited residents to participate in the Quarantine Cookbook. The compilation entitled "Winter Warmers" features recipes consisting of 5 ingredients or less.

Random Acts of Kindess cards

Acts of Kindness - How It All Began
As the days got shorter, and spirits needed a boost, faculty housing residents participated in a community project called Acts of Kindness in December 2020. Faculty Housing, Work Life, and Community Engagement collaborated to lead this effort to distribute DIY kits for residents to take home and decorate over 60 greeting cards and gift bags to distribute food and toiletries to neighbors, including Visiting Neighbors seniors.

Acts of Kindness Cooking Contest - December 2020
Faculty Housing residents were given basic food items and used these pantry ingredients to prepare a meal to share with whomever they chose after submitting their photo to our Cooking Contest. Here’s how our winners transformed a can of tuna, tomato soup, dried pasta and granola bars.

Tie for Grand Prize:
Andrew Maliszewski
Peter Tinaglia

Most Creative: Bird nests with pasta and vegetables and tuna balls on the side made by Tamar Schlick
Best Comfort Food: Tuna salad sandwiches, tomato soup with croutons, spaghetti and meatballs made by Cliona Golden and family.

Acts of Kindness Project Team:
Erin Donnelly, Community Liaison, Faculty Housing
Stacey Gordon, Program Director Next Phase Adult Caregiving and Retirement, Work Life
Lisa Kail, Director, University Partners/NYU Combined Campaign, Community Engagement
Erin Jane Lynch, Assistant Vice President, Faculty Housing
Grace Cosachov Protos, Executive Director, Work Life

Special thanks to all who participated in Acts of Kindness.

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