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A recommendation of the Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee and generously supported by Provost Katherine E. Fleming, NYU Faculty Housing Happenings are a series of free community events designed to celebrate our outdoor spaces on the superblocks, build community among faculty housing residents, and provide activities appealing to all audiences. NYU Faculty Housing Happenings Events are organized by Erin Donnelly, Community Liaison and would not be possible without the support of Erin Lynch, Assistant Vice President and Deborah Sataloff, Faculty Housing Administrator.

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Harmonicas in Solidarity

Weekly from May through September 2020, led by Dr. David Schroeder in collaboration with NYU Faculty Housing Happenings, residents of NYU Washington Square Village played "The Oceans" on harmonicas in socially-distanced anthem to honor the healthcare and essential workers on the front lines during COVID-19.

For more information, please contact facultyhousing.events@nyu.edu.


Past Events

For more information, please contact Erin Donnelly, Community Liaison, NYU Office of Faculty Housing & Residential Services, facultyhousing.events@nyu.edu or (646) 997-9986.