The following resources are available for University affiliates:   

Faculty Housing Sublets

The Faculty Housing Office provides available sublet information within faculty housing.   If you are interested in offering a sublet for the summer, winter or academic term, please submit your information via our Sublet Offer Form.  If you are interested in receiving sublet offers made by NYU faculty, please complete a Sublet Listing Subscription Form.  Your information will be added to our email list that announces available apartments and you will receive information as it is submitted.

Relocation Resource

The decision to move to New York City can be a complex process that affects you personally as well as professionally. NYC Daily Life and related links highlight the richness of resources available to NYC residents, and show that many resources and services are equally or more accessible in New York City as elsewhere. This section identifies resources which provide answers to the questions most frequently asked by recruits.

Faculty housing does not provide short term, visitor, or temporary housing.

NYU Off-Campus Housing

These rental options are intended for those not eligible for faculty housing.

The listing of rental units on this site is a service to local rental property owners and NYU students, faculty, and staff.  Properties listed through this site are not under NYU management. You can also explore Off-Campus roommates and sublet opportunities. Register here to start your search!