Host Department

Each fellow will be welcomed to a host department that engages the fellow in departmental meetings, colloquia, seminars and other events. The host department also provides the fellow with:

  • Access to appropriate office space, routine administrative support, libraries and technical support;
  • Information about salary and benefits and administer the Fellows’ salary, research and professional travel funds;
  • Work with the Fellow and mentor to assign teaching responsibilities that scaffold Fellows’ professional development.

Faculty Mentors

  • Regular meetings with the fellow to discuss long and short term goals to be accomplished during the fellow’s time at NYU
  • Assist the fellow in establishing a visible presence in their host department
  • Serve as a bridge to the fellow’s host department/colleagues
  • Facilitate the fellow’s professional development in national and international fora
  • Work with the fellow to prepare for successful entry into the job market


Teaching is an important aspect of our fellows’ career development. The program encourages departments to assign fellows to teach a maximum of one course per semester. The purpose of the program is to provide fellows with time to focus on research and publishing activities that will enhance their prospects for future faculty appointment. Therefore departments assign fellows to teach in ways that complement (rather than compete with) their research activity and simultaneously support their ongoing professional development.

In addition to these responsibilities, our fellows join a network of past and present scholars working towards creating tangible impact in their respective areas of specialty. Through weekly luncheons and networking events, fellows are given the chance to engage in important discussions with one another to advance their perspectives on a variety of topics.