As you prepare to travel outside of the United States, please be sure to think about your health care needs before you leave. You should also consider booking your travel or registering your travel itinerary through NYU Traveler, a secure web-based application you can access via the NYU Life page on NYUHome. NYU Traveler was created to provide the NYU community with tools and services for their travel needs.

Travel to China: The U.S. government has issued an advisory against travel to China. In addition, some airlines have announced that they are suspending service to China, while others have reduced the number of flights they are operating. The presumption is that any school, unit, or individual which had been planning academic or other travel to China has cancelled those plans, and the cancellation will remain in place until the guidance changes. For any needed advice or direction, please be in touch with our travel safety group at to discuss any proposed trips.

Health Care Considerations and Coverage When Traveling Globally

  Travel Scenarios Purpose Health Care Coverage
GeoBlue Traveler (Short-Term Travel)
NYU Business Travel and Short-Term International Appointments Includes business trips, short-term research trips, seven-week teaching, J-Term, or summer teaching appointments at an NYU global location Retain NYU U.S. health care coverage and add GeoBlue Traveler emergency health care insurance
  Travel Scenarios
Purpose Heath Care Coverage
Aetna International (Long-Term Travel)
Selected by NYU for an International Assignment
Teaching, conducting research, or providing administrative services either at an NYU location or another approved global location (includes faculty leaves and fellowships) Enroll in Aetna International medical and dental coverage