Commuter Plans: Use pre- and post-tax payroll deductions to pay for your commuting expenses.

The commutation benefit administered by HealthEquity | WageWorks* offers a convenient opportunity to use pre- and post-tax payroll deductions to pay for your commuting expenses.

You may enroll in commuter benefits at any time throughout the year:

You may submit claims by hard copy or one of the flexible payment options:

  • Convenient home delivery of your monthly transit pass
  • Pre-paid local transit agency smart cards, if available
  • WageWorks commuter card that works like a debit card

You may also arrange to have your monthly payment sent directly to your parking provider, or pay to park, and then get reimbursed.

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* HealthEquity and WageWorks have joined together and officially became one company August 30, 2019. You will not see any disruption or changes to your benefit services in the near term and will be notified of any changes before they occur.

2021 IRS Pre-Tax Maximum
Mass Transit $270.00
Parking $270.00
Commuter / Parking Card Participants
  • If you have a balance on either the HealthEquity Commuter or Parking card that you can no longer use, contact the HealthEquity Member Services team at 866-735-8195.
  • If your circumstances meet the criteria, your pre-tax balance can be converted to credits on your commuter account.
  • These credits can be applied towards future transit or parking orders.
  • Any post-tax dollars included in your balance will be returned directly to you via check or direct deposit.
  • Note that you will need to cancel any future or recurring debit card orders already in place.
  • Also note if your balance is converted to credits on your account, any future orders will be deducted from the credit (up to $270 / month for 2021 and up to $280 / month for 2022) thus offsetting the deduction from your paychecks until the credit is depleted.