NYU understands that caring for ourselves and our loved ones can create stress when work and personal responsibilities compete for our time and limited financial resources. In an effort to support our faculty and staff with their work-family integration, NYU offers referral programs, leave policies, and financial assistance programs to help with family care expenses.

Resources for Adult Caregivers

This list is provided as a service only. The Work Life office and New York University do not endorse any of these references. These resources are not exhaustive but a sample of resources.

Leave Policies

Taking time to care for yourself and your loved ones is important to a healthy work-family balance. NYU has several policies designed to support you with finding this balance. Visit the Managing Time Off page for more information about time off polciies. If you have questions, please contact NYU PeopleLink.

Back-Up Adult Care and Support

Through Bright Horizons, subsidized backup care with qualified in-home care professionals is available nationwide to help cover care gaps such as when you need to be at work and your usual care is unavailable; your adult dependent is mildly ill; or your work schedule changes unexpectedly or includes conference attendance. Eligible full-time faculty, administrators, and professional researchers can use the program when planned or unplanned interruptions or changes to your usual care arrangements occur that would prevent you from performing your work responsibilities.

For ongoing adult care needs, Bright Horizons also offers an Elder Care Support Program to help navigate the often complex needs of caring for an adult or older person. Learn more about these enhanced benefits and register with Bright Horizons now for when your need for back-up care arises. If you have questions, please contact NYU PeopleLink.


  • Full-time faculty, administrators, and professional research staff